For Art Licensing in Dubai and London

"We chose Grace because of her understanding of luxury brands and the synergy with our brand via the use of flower petals within her compositions! She is not only talented but understands the importance of our brand’s positioning within the market. The result is a beautiful piece that reinforces our brand values. 
Thanks to Grace, we were able to create a beautiful keepsake for our customers whilst supporting new locations opening around the globe with her unique visuals!”

For Art Licensing in UK

"We were thrilled to work with international fashion illustrator Grace Ciao on this advertisement. Her work is a perfect fit for our sophisticated and discreet brand positioning. For this project we were looking to incorporate flower petals alongside beautiful illustrations to convey elegance, beauty and delicacy. We chose to work with Grace as she had a really distinctive hand-drawn style, and her elegant and sophisticated visuals, along with the use of real flowers were just what we were looking for.
Grace was a pleasure to work with, providing excellent work, on time and in budget. She was also happy making amends. At the start of the project we were concerned that working across time zones could be a potential issue - however this didn’t prove to be the case, and Grace always delivered her work to the deadlines that were set. We licensed her illustrations, animated them, and the final result was a sophisticated and elegant 20 second TV commercial with a natural, flowing, hand-drawn look which we were exceptionally happy with. 
Do work with Grace! You won’t be disappointed."

For Social Media & Editorial Content in US

“Working with Grace was an absolute pleasure! The content was terrific! Grace was very amenable to our last-minute needs. Thanks Grace for being such a great partner in this highly-successful campaign.”

For Art Licensing in South Korea

"Since 2015, Seoul Rose Festival has shown high growth. The number of visitors increased by 80 times. Jungrang-gu, where Seoul Rose Festival takes place, was once culturally behind other districts. Grace has been creating our key visuals for the past 3 years. With her outstanding, beautiful and unique illustrations, Seoul Rose Festival could be positioned as the most elegant event in Seoul!"

For Art Licensing in US

“Grace's work is modern, streamlined and in line with our 'understated luxury' branding. Thank you so much for expediting the sketches Grace, we are big fans of your work!”

For Public Live Fashion Illustration in Hong Kong

“Grace’s works are beautiful! We love her creativity, design and craftsmanship!”

For Art Licensing in Hong Kong

"Thanks to Grace’s enchanting design and support, the 10 days floral dress exhibition was held successfully with huge buzz in Hong Kong!"

For Social Media & Editorial Content in Singapore

"We advocate local talents and believe that there will be great synergy in the partnership with Grace. We were certain that she would be able to value-add to our campaigns. By working with Grace, our brand gained good traction and association with modern arts and fashion. Our consumers also provided great feedback on the richness of the brand content that we created with her. Grace and her team showed professionalism in the collaboration. It was a pleasure working with them!"

For Private Fashion Function in Singapore

"Thank you Grace for your beautiful illustrations and making our guests so happy!"

Public Live Fashion Illustration in Singapore

"I find Grace's personality and style very suitable for our Spring Collection launch. Her demure and gentle personality truly demonstrate the look and feel of the campaign. Thus without much consideration, she is the perfect choice for our event.

Grace is very diligent and responsible, doing extensive pre-event homework on the collection. Having worked with her previously, I am once again impressed by that. During the event, Grace also talked to the customers, understood their style preferences and how they wanted their personalised illustrations to be. This made the whole experience more enjoyable and engaging. Grace is a choice you will not regret!"