Doing what I love with DO PANDORA


What has everyone been up to now that Spring is officially here? The nature coming to life around us invites us for some reflection. What does it mean to be 'you'? Is there something you've always wanted to DO but for one reason or another, never got to follow through?

Pandora recently launched its "DO" campaign, celebrating women from all walks of life and inspiring them to stay true to themselves. I was invited to the launch event as a live illustrator. The brand hopes to empower every woman by celebrating each and every one of their dreams and aspirations. Whether you are a dancer, businesswoman, grandmother or artists, Pandora wants to reaffirm your passion and strength to DO what you want by showcasing your style through their jewellery.

Guests at the event include World Vision ambassador Belinda Lee, lifestyle and travel blogger Andrea Chong and pastry chef Janice Wong.


The guests were invited on stage to share with everyone what the DO campaign means to them. It was a very inspiring and empowering sharing session!

I created six templates to illustrate the themes of the campaign (Create, Explore, Shine, Indulge, Care and Style. I drew a personalised illustration of each guest against a template that they felt reflected them the most. I hope my drawings served as the perfect momento for the guests to remember what they stood for and never to lose sight of their dreams.


Belinda watching me while I drew her with the DO Care template. I was very inspired by Belinda's kindness and compassion for those in need, so I sketched her carrying a kitten and surrounded by puppies and kitties. She was very friendly and so thrilled to receive my drawing. Seeing her heartfelt reaction brought a smile to my face too!!


I was also really excited to live sketch Andrea as well!


Here is the end result! My quick sketch of her done in minutes! The DO Explore template suited her wanderlust perfectly and I wanted to sketch her looking chic in the pastel blue frock that she wore to the event.

Here are more photos! Enjoy!


Me capturing the elegance of Tjin Lee in her black ensemble accentuated with bold red floral prints in a personalised sketch.


Lovely ladies waiting for their customised illustrations by me. The happy faces of these guests really gives me great satisfaction and motivation as an artist!

Here is a short clip of me 'live' at work doing what I like best! Video by Bryan Lee

As a woman and an artist, I connect deeply with what Pandora's DO campaign is trying to achieve. From my personal experience, I know how difficult it can be to pursue one's dreams and aspirations. However, I strongly believe that with passion and perseverance, we can all have the confidence to follow our dreams and be the strong, fun, empowered women we want to be. I am very grateful and humbled to be invited to be part of Pandora's DO launch among these other inspiring and amazing women! I will carry their stories, strength and smiles with me for years to come.

What are your dreams? Whenever I feel like I lose sight of my dreams or confidence in myself, these words inspire me to carry on

"There is no limit to what we, women, can accomplish." - Michelle Obama


The greatest takeaway of my work at events – happy Pandora ladies with my one of a kind drawings!

Tory Burch Resort 17 Collection

As the month of March rolls along, the rising temperatures gently reminds us we are transiting from winter into spring. How is everyone doing in these warmer days?

Me in tory burch. Photo by: Eric

Me in tory burch. Photo by: Eric

Recently I was invited as a guest illustrator to two private events by fashion house Tory Burch. Today I'm excited to share my experience with you!

One of the events was a private styling session by the chic and fashionable Yoyo Cao (@yoyokulala) for some of her Instagram followers. If you've been following my work, you would know that I've illustrated her previously. In fact, I've been admiring her tastes in fashion and style for quite some time! Can you imagine my excitement when I finally meet and draw her in person?

grace ciao fashion illustrator singapore artist live illustration yoyo cao yoyokulala

Here's my illustration of Yoyo in her stylish Tory Burch Casey Anorak. Do you think I managed to capture the feminine and sporty vibe of the dashes and dots on this modern windbreaker?

Yoyo was really friendly and her smile and word of thanks upon seeing my drawing of her completely made my day! Her private styling session involved her generously sharing her insights on the latest fashion trends and how to match outfits for the season. I think the guests would agree with me when I say that we had learnt much from her engaging and informative session.

collage by fimela

collage by fimela

The Tory Burch Resort 2017 collection was inspired by Tory's personal adventures in Round Hill, Jamaica. Long flowy dresses and bright colours evoke the laid-back fun vibe of island life - the waves, the sun and the vibrant culture of the locals. Details such as bold prints and textures help bring to life the resort charm of Jamaica. Inspired by the effortlessly elegant singer Lauryn Hill, the collection remained classy despite its bohemian vibe, featuring off-shoulder and ruffled statement pieces.

I was invited to do live fashion illustration for the event attendees to take home as a one-of-a-kind souvenir. I drew them in the lovely outfits they wore to the event. Each customised portrait was set against a hand painted background of Tory Burch Natalie dress floral motifs.

grace ciao blog fashion illustrator

my illustrations of the guests in tory burch's outfits.

grace ciao blog fashion illustrator singapore artist live illustration tory burch event 1.jpg

Day 2 was an exclusive event reserved for VIP customers. Guests were indulged in a fashion show that showcased pieces from the Resort 2017 collection. The heavy textures (think raffia, fringes and pleats) and vibrant colours (as well as the occasional glimmer of sequins) was a treat for the eyes! Again, each guest was treated to a personalised fashion illustration as the perfect keepsake for them to remember this fun evening.

I was really excited to be part of these events. Just looking at the collection makes me dream of taking a beach vacation. I cannot wait to indulge in my wanderlust and sink my toes into soft sand with the warmth of the sun on my face. Xx



Ready, Get Set, Colour! A Faber Castell X Karl Lagerfeld Collaboration

Hey guys, how is October treating you? I hope you have been doing good! Today I would like to introduce some colours to your life. :) Last month I was invited to launch the Karlbox at the Faber-Castell flagship store in Singapore. Karlbox was simultaneously launched worldwide on the same day, so I definitely felt honoured to be representative of Singapore artists. 

Me with a Faber-Castell brush from the Karlbox.

Me with a Faber-Castell brush from the Karlbox.

Mr Yandramin Halim, managing director of Faber-Castell Singapore, unveiled the Karlbox.

Mr Yandramin Halim, managing director of Faber-Castell Singapore, unveiled the Karlbox.

Created by Karl Lagerfeld, an iconic designer, the Karlbox is an absolute treasure chest containing 350 drawing instruments. Did you know that Karl uses Faber-Castell products to do extensive sketches and illustrations before he works on his fashion designs? It is no wonder that the Karlbox he curated is an artist’s dream. 

Me giving an introduction on the contents of Karlbox.

Me giving an introduction on the contents of Karlbox.

This event was special for me because I got to invite 10 of my instagram followers. It was such a delight to finally meet some of them in person and to personally thank them for their support on my creative journey!

Attendees of the event.

Attendees of the event.

I did a live art illustration at the event where I demonstrated step-by-step how anyone interested can produce amazing colours on their art pieces.

The live demo I gave.

The live demo I gave.

My favourite drawing tools were the Albrecht Duerer Watercolour Pencils. With 120 colour palette to choose from, not only did my inspirations run wild, my guests who got to do hands on painting and colouring of my illustrations (that I prepared before the event) also had a great time unleashing the artist in them.

Cheryl adding colours to my illustration on the spot and bringing it home!

Cheryl adding colours to my illustration on the spot and bringing it home!

It was a highly enjoyable and therapeutic session for everyone at the event. Some of them wound up purchasing brand-new Faber-Castell art supplies. I’m certainly glad that I’ve inspired creative confidence in them! 

Cheryl T colouring away!

Cheryl T colouring away!

Guess what? I’ve got a treat for you today! I really want to do something for all you lovely people reading my blog. I’ve made available a free download of one of my illustrations at the event!

You can also purchase a set of my colouring templates in the link below!

Ready, Get Set, Colour!





Behind the scenes - a TV ad collaboration with Soft & Gentle UK

Some of you would know that I've got a couple of exciting projects up my sleeves recently. In this post, I'm excited to share with you one that I worked on.

Did you know that you can now catch a glimpse of my fashion illustrations on UK prime time TV?

Soft & Gentle, a UK based company that creates women's personal care products, reached out to me some months back to conceptualize and illustrate for their TV ad campaign. I love how the brand promotes the well-being of women and specially creates products for ladies to practise self-care and stay on top of their game.

For this TV advertisement collaboration, I illustrated four characters using floral petals to portray my idea of today's modern, beautiful, confident and natural women. Today's special, because I'm going to give you a sneak peek into how I created these flower dress art pieces! Often as an audience, I know you only get to see the finished product. As an illustrator and an art director, I have really been wanting to share with you behind-the-scenes about my creative thought processes.

Ballerina on Pirouette - illustrated with fresh pink roses

Ballerina on Pirouette - illustrated with fresh pink roses

I've always felt that ballerinas on pirouette exude so much grace and confidence. However, do you know that it takes years of showing up, hard work and that it includes failures too? To me, a beautiful and confident woman is one who knows that she's a work-in-progress. While she may be comfortable living life with imperfections, she's also working at being the best at who she can be! 

Confident walk - illustrated with iris flower petals

Confident walk - illustrated with iris flower petals

We all have dreams that we're too scared to pursue. Some of you are still waiting to muster up the confidence to do it, while others are in the midst of pursuing your dreams and have serious doubts about yourself. Guess what, I illustrated this just for you! Whenever you feel like giving up, think of this dream-chasing girl. Put on your stilettos and tailored pants, and go for your goals!

Carefree weekend girl - illustrated with teal roses

Carefree weekend girl - illustrated with teal roses

Ever had those weekends where you are simply troubled by whatever's going on at work or at school and you can't be in the present moment to enjoy times with your friends and family? I illustrated this carefree weekend girl to remind us that however the week went, chin up, put on your best dress, and let's toast to the weekend!

Classy-chic, illustrated with calla lilies

Classy-chic, illustrated with calla lilies

Trends come and go but a taste for classiness never gets old. And who says it's gotta be black. I created this character to depict the girl who's got that classiness in her bones! Also, this dress is my favourite colour of the season! What do you think of it?

I hope you like these characters that I've created! Don't you find the flower petals making up each of their dresses so pretty? The beauty of these flowers was my biggest inspiration! I would love to hear which of them are your favourites!

Psst, if you're in the UK and have seen this on TV, drop me a note! ;)

Are you looking for a fashion illustrator for your event, product or creative project? I'm happy to chat. You can commission me for live sketching, art licensing or any other illustration works. Contact me to learn more!

A Magical Evening With Dior

My dress from Dior Cruise 2016

My dress from Dior Cruise 2016

It's August already, can you believe it? Time flies! What has everyone been up to? It seemed like yesterday when I just ushered in the new year with my loved ones. If I haven't told you before, one of my wishes this year is to foray deeper into this exciting, deeply fulfilling and less trodden creative path. I'm so thankful you're on this journey with me! 

The past few months saw me illustrating for a couple of my favourite brands and working on some projects that I can't wait to show you guys (stay tuned for my next blog post)!

Recently I worked with Dior again for the launch of their Diorama Club bags - the Autumn 2016 collection. Not sure about you but I, like many women, am a HUGE fan of bags - in particular Dior's. One of my all time favourites is the Lady Dior bag that's timeless and befitting for very occasion. So, I suppose you can imagine my joy and anticipation when I received this invitation from Dior.

Re-creations of the iconic Diorama Bag, the Diorama Club bag is smaller and more square-ish. It features a large contrasting badge clasp that will lend style and confidence to any outfit.

"The perfect classy evening bag!" touted one of the elegant guests at the exclusive launch on a Friday evening. Well, I couldn't agree more with her. Amongst so many mini bags out there, don't you think the Diorama club bag just takes the cake?

Black Mirror Calfskin, Diorama Club Bag

Black Mirror Calfskin, Diorama Club Bag

I especially love the ones embroidered with animals inspired by Dior charms. On the Green Crinkled Lambskin, the dragonfly embodies the "I" charm in Dior. In the Black Crinkled Lambskin, the bird's head is the key charm.

Not many might know this but superstition was at the heart of Monsieur Dior. That is why you see stars and charms adorning the collections of Dior until today.

As with every upscale retail event that I attend as an artist, the guests never fail to wow me with their impeccable taste in outfits and the effort put in to doll up, come together, and mingle, creating a magical evening for everyone. I love that! The energy and buzz invigorate me.

This is why I'd always endeavor to create bespoke sketches of these treasured guests of my clients and reflect them in their full glamour. The greatest satisfaction comes when these guests receive their illustrated gifts from me, and with eyes beaming with joy, thank me for my creations. It's an artist's kind of joy and exhilaration, I must say.

So here you go, enjoy the highlights of my fashion illustration works at this event..

Frances (above) made a great model. I loved her bob hair with asymmetrical purple-dyed fringe. What a sassy lady! I sketched her with the Black Crinkled Lambskin Diorama club bag to complement her edgy look. Don't you think she is tres chic?

Look at Grace and Wendy - Aren't they elegant! They specially requested for me to illustrate them in Dior Spring-Summer Bar jackets, along with the Diorama club bags. What do you think of my illustration of them?

Elaine (above) is the quintessential sweet and elegant lady. I adored the tulle skirt she wore to the event and I sketched her with the Grey Ceramic-Effect Deerskin Diorama Club bag - highly suitable for her style.

Now, a little peak into the life of a fashion illustrator - did you know that each of these sketches were done under 3 minutes? Besides being creative, I've to make sure that I'm speedy at live events like this. 

What a great evening celebrating the launch of the Diorama club bags! If I could, I would have brought home all the bags in the collection! :P

To be able to delight the guests who attended this Dior event through my work and creativity, at the same time staying true to the Dior brand, was an incredible experience.

Just the thought of my hand painted art pieces being nicely framed and sitting somewhere in the homes of my guests simply put a smile on my face.

Photo by Allen Bamvisuals

Are you looking for a fashion illustrator for your event or product? I'm happy to chat. You can commission me for live sketching, art licensing or any other illustration works. Contact me to learn more!

Meanwhile, let's stay in touch on Instagram for my daily musings.

Custom Illustrations for Boucheron’s Luxury Jewelry Collection

A few months back, I was asked to capture the dazzling brilliance of Boucheron’s jewelry line by featuring their exquisite rings in my work. Inspired by animals, these beautiful pieces sparkle with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and amethysts. What more could a girl ask for?

I am fascinated by the story behind each fabulous ring, like Hera, the peacock and Hopi, the humming bird. Did you know that the Hopi Indians believed these tiny birds saved the world by carrying messages of love? This one is attracted to the beauty of a dainty pink flower.

I’d love to own Boucheron’s playful hedgehog piece, set perfectly with round sapphires and a black diamond. Hathi, the elephant, also wears a gorgeous blue saddle, featuring white and brown diamonds, as well as blue and purple sapphires.

Each creation is elegant, classic and timeless, perfect for handing down to your daughter someday, or wearing out as a complement to your favourite little black dress.

What incredible inspiration for any artist to have the opportunity to depict these creations in her work!

At this event, each VIP guest got to choose from either an illustration of their favourite jewelry piece sketched onto a champagne flute or a drawing of them wearing an outfit that featured the jewelry. Here I am illustrating Mdm Ow. 

When I met with Carmen, she asked me to draw her in a deep purple gown that matched her Hopi ring. I highlighted the small but mighty hummingbird dancing across her dress. What do you think of the illustration I came up with?

Among the guests were Sharon and Sammi, who were complete joy to be around! I drew Sammi a pink gown, with elements of Cyprus bedazzled with a whole lot of sparkle!

What an honor to be able to work with Boucheron! I was so inspired by their beautiful jewelry line. Thanks so much to the VIP guests that so graciously allowed me to capture them in these exquisite jewelry creations.

Finally, thank you Toni from MyMakeupAcademy for my lovely braids and makeup!

Remember that illustrations of guests is just one idea. Since all my artistic creations are custom, I’m more than happy to arrange an event that’s perfectly exclusive for you. Contact me to learn more.


Mother's Day gift ideas

Mother's Day is right around the corner on 8th May. 

I'm really blessed to have an awesome mum who loves, supports and has always been there for me.

She taught me to walk, saw me through college and was always there to give me the career advices that I needed. I'm a huge believer of making Mother's Day a special day where we show our appreciations for our mums!

Are you looking for a gift for your mum? This Mother's Day, I've created a series of illustration to help honor each and every mom out there! I hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating them!

From the moment she learns she’s with child, a woman’s whole world changes. She becomes more than just herself; she is now a mother too.

But no matter how old you grow, you’ll always be your mother’s little baby.

A mother’s love can’t be seen or heard; it must be felt with the heart.


Mothers are like flowers that are planted in our hearts, that bloom and fill our lives with love as time passes.



"Dear mom, all that I am or hope to be, I owe to you."

To all the mothers who have given of themselves year after year to teach joy, respect and happiness to their children, this Mother's Day, and always, may you be recognized for all the unspoken harmony you bring to this world!

Do any of my illustrations speak to you? Tell your mom “I love you” by choosing the illustration that captures your heart. 

From now till 1st May, order a print for your mom & 100% of net proceeds will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation.


Dolce Magic | SaksPOV

The month of May has gone by in a flash and I've had the greatest time being part of the Saks Glam Gardens campaign. Throughout May, I was inspired by some of my favourite fashion brands - Dior, Burberry and Chloé - to create several looks for this season. Today, I am excited to share with you my final illustrations featuring Dolce & Gabbana.

White Hydrandeas and purple Erica flowers combined to make Dolce magic

White Hydrandeas and purple Erica flowers combined to make Dolce magic

The first look was created using a mix of White Hydrangeas and delicate Purple Erica flowers. Inspired by Dolce & Gabbanna Wisteria Printed Blouse and Skirt. I've decided to use the intricate Erica flowers to accentuate the floral prints on the outfit. The large Hydrangea petals were layered one upon the other to depict the natural folds and flares of the skirt.

Grace-Ciao-Fashion-Illustrator-Dolce & Gabbana-Dolce-Eau-De-Parfum-Saks-Glam-Gardens-USA-Floral-Dress.jpg

Recreating this look was an interesting, yet fun experience for me. Since the petals of most flower types typically lack elaborate detailing on them, layering smaller ones on large clean folds worked really well in bringing out the bold floral prints on the skirt. 

Dolce Eau De Parfum

Dolce Eau De Parfum

The second look I created was inspired by  Dolce & Gabbana's soft, feminine, floral Dolce Eau De Parfum. Opening with the freshness of Neroli leaves and the papaya flower, the scent transitions to the heart of the fragrance - amaryllis, narcissus and water lilies. I adore Dolce's sophistication in its packaging, signifying a vintage fragrance flacon.

Grace-Ciao-Fashion-Illustrator-Dolce & Gabbana-Dolce-Eau-De-Parfum-Saks-Glam-Gardens-USA-Floral-dress.jpg

Keeping close to the heart of Dolce, I've decided to use Amaryllis petals, albeit a beautiful apricot colour, to symbolise the fullness and elegance of the fragrance. The soft texture of the petals seamlessly mirrored that of silky velvet fabric. The large Amaryllis petals were ideal for layering and I had tremendous fun experimenting with several petal placements to create the final look.

The volume of these Amaryllis petals captures the essence of the Dolce fragrance

The volume of these Amaryllis petals captures the essence of the Dolce fragrance

Voila! Here's the final look. Working with blooms this May has certainly been a joy for me. Some of the ready-to-wear looks I illustrated for Saks Glam Gardens have definitely urged my to go beyond my comfort zone and I had a whole lot of fun creating them. I hope you've found some inspiration in my floral creations this spring!

Hold on to spring with Dolce & Gabbana's Dolce Eau De Parfum.